One for all, all in onethe thermal polymath

With TOCS® we were able to develop a compact system for the determination of thermal conductivity and diffusivity which covers the whole bandwidth of available materials - from solid to liquid, there are no limits.
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Thermal Material Characterizationapplication-related and reliable

We look back upon over ten years of experience in the field of thermal material characterization. Our focus eversince has been to ensure application relevance and to comprehensively enlighten our customers.
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Package Characterizationthorough and detailed

We assist in the investigation of systems, packages, contextually and from a thermal and reliability-related point of view. Be it a question of design optimization or failure detection - we got the right tool at hand.
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Thermographythermal screening

Infrared-based investigations are a powerful tool for high resolution in-situ thermometry and for contact-less and highly sensitive failure detection. From single components up to complex multilayer assemblies, from power electronics down to micro systems technology - barely any method is as versatile.
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News & Infos

Straight outta the conference marathon

28. 09. 2018

Traditionally, September is a month of communication. Many project meetings, conferences and workshops take place. We have been exhibiting on ESTC in Dresden, on the Thermosetting Resins in Berlin, published a paper about project INLINETEST on Therminic in Stockholm and are organizer of upcoming EuWoRel. We are very happy about the fruitful exchange with customers, project partners and other exhibitors and look forward to next year's opportunities presenting our work to the scientific and industrial audience.

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Abstract for Sensors and Actuators

27. 04. 2018

We bring the good news! Lately an abstract about the bi-directional 3-omega method has been submitted to the Journal Sensors and Actuators and we have our fingers crossed to shortly share the published article here.

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More about TOCS

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Reliability on SMT

19. 03. 2018

How do we ensure reliability of our systems, today and in future? How to evaluate and how to determine when and why which failure occurs?

SMT is closing in and we are proud to hold a tutorial this year about this central issue in electronics. Together with TU Chemnitz, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg and the Fraunhofer institutes IZM and ENAS we inform in a 3-hours lesson about topics such as thermal management, reliability of electronic systems, thermal characterization, failure analysis and technology.

More information:

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IMAPS Workshop 2018

09. 01. 2018

For some years we have continuously been present on IMAPS ATW in La Rochelle. So we will this year, from 31st of January till 01st of February. Dr. Corinna Grosse will be presenting the TOCS and its various applications fields and also Mohamad Abo Ras will be at the conference and is looking forward to interesting talks, impressions, discussions.

More information can be found here:

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Happy New Year!

01. 01. 2018

We wish a healthy, happy New Year and the best success for the business in 2018 to all of our customers and project partners.

We are looking forward to continue ongoing collaborations and to all new tasks and challenges that the new year may bear for us.

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First press release of EuroPAT-MASIP published

28. 09. 2017

The first press release of EuroPAT-MASIP which is funded under EU's Horizon2020 and started in April 2017 has just been published. Read more:

Web version

PDF version

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TOCS™ released

26. 09. 2017

We are proud to present the likely most compact and versatile system for thermal material characterization: TOCS™ - Three Omega Characterization System.

From solid to liquid state, material samples of all aggregate phases are applicable in this compact measurement device for determination of thermal conductivity and diffusivity.

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